Surf Board Rental

Now you can rent any type of surfboard and paddle boards of different types and sizes from Beach Break Surf Camp – Weligama. We have available surfboards from major brands like NSP, Torq, Elephant and 7S. All surf board rentals include a leash. Surfboard rental is available on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

All surf board rentals can be picked up from our store located in Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka.

Soft Surfboard / Foam-board Rentals

These boards are designed for beginners. Thanks to the layer of foam, these surfboards are easier to catch waves on, easier to stand up on and much more stable in the water. The foam of the surfboard also makes it less likely to hurt you or others around you, and so these Surfboards are obvious choices for surf learners. These Surfboards have rubber fins to ensure your safety in the water.

  • Hour : $ 4
  • Daily: $15
  • More than 5 days: $12  per day
Soft surf board

Soft surf board

Longboard and Shortboard Epoxy Surfboard Rentals

Longboards are much more stable in the water, they are easier to paddle and great for catching waves, making them ideal for learning on. We have a selection of Epoxy Shortboards and Fish Epoxy models.

  • Hour : $ 4 – $7
  • Daily:  $15 – $20
  • More than 5 days:  $12  – $18  per day
Short board

Short board

Fun board

Fun board


Long board

Boogie Board / Body Board Rentals

Boogie boards/ body boards are smaller, more rectangular boards made for laying on rather than standing on while surfing. Used by a variety of age groups, these kinds of boards are one of the safest options for families in small waves. The boards are made of polystyrene, foam, wood or fiberglass and can be very cheap yet a lot of fun to surf on to while in the water. We have a great selection of high quality boogie boards of all sizes!

  • Hour : $3
  • Daily: $10
  • More than 5 days: $8 per day
Boogie board

Boogie board

Still no idea on what is the suitable surfboard for you ? Contact us now or come and visit us. Our expert team is here to help you…

*Prices may change in high season due to high demand. Making an appointment beforehand will help you to find a cheaper price.